Take a Sip

For some reason, I have been on such a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food kick lately. So, after throwing out a few restaurant ideas to my friend who I was having dinner with, I was excited that we decided on Sip Sak.

From the ambiance to the food to the service, Sip Sak gets it right. I came across a handful of reviews that have torn this place apart, and I have to say after having eaten there twice now, I still have no clue what these people are complaining about. We were greeted by the smiling chef/owner Orhan Yegen. He took us to our table right away. And then...the fun really began. We decided to order a bunch of dishes and share everything (my fav!), but we had no clue just how much food we were in store for!

We started off ordering the hummus and cacik appetizers. Cacik is similar to a Greek tzatziki sauce...made of thick yogurt with cucumber and garlic. Both were served with fresh, thick pita, and I am convinced I could have made a meal out of just these two starters! We had hoped to order the falafel, but they ran out earlier in the evening. Next came the Greek salad, which was massive and delicious. Mixed greens were covered with feta, artichokes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and stuffed grape leaves. And last, but certainly not least, was the spicy chicken...hand-chopped grilled chicken spiced with hot red peppers, served over rice. The chicken had a great flavor, but was somewhat reminiscent of a chicken patty or giant chicken nugget. Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing ;)

The waiter almost convinced us to order a dessert...and the baklava certainly sounded tempting. But, at this point I was thrilled with everything we had eaten and also very full!

We decided to be adventurous and ordered glasses of Turkish wines. They were both pretty good...but I am no wine expert, so I won't even begin to try and describe them. I just felt weird ordering a wine from Argentina in a Turkish restaurant!

So, aside from them being out of falafel, I literally have nothing bad to say about Sip Sak. I was almost looking for something wrong during the meal (bad idea!), but seriously could not find a thing. The service was attentive and prompt. The atmosphere was very cool...has a great Turkish vibe without being over the top. And the food was authentic, reasonably priced, and very tasty. What could be bad about any of that?!

Sip Sak
928 2nd Avenue
b/t 49th & 50th Streets
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