One Strike for Moonstruck

I’ve mentioned in the past how there are two types of brunch restaurants…the greasy spoon and the fancier, and usually healthier, spot. Long overdue, I finally made it to a greasy spoon. It was the morning after my birthday celebration, and suffice it to say, the grease was much needed…as was a lot of water and a Diet Coke!

After trying to go to another place in the East Village that turned out to be Indian (not the most appetizing at this hour…if ever), we ended up at Moonstruck on 2nd. I have been to all of the other Moonstruck Diners, most of them located in Murray Hill. So, this one was a nice compromise…I knew exactly what to expect, but it was also a change of scenery.

Despite a usual Sunday brunch rush, the restaurant wasn’t too packed, and we were seated right away…next to floor-to-ceiling windows, which was as a great treat since it was such a nice day. Waters arrived very quickly, as did our waiter. I usually am not a creature of habit, but for some reason, when I’m at Moonstruck, I always order the same thing. And, this time was no different. I got a feta omelette with French fries and whole wheat toast. My friend ordered eggs benedict, plus spinach, minus Canadian bacon.

Unfortunately, our waiter goofed, so the food took a really long time to come out. He was very apologetic, so I let it slide…this time! The omelette hit the spot, but I was disappointed by the fries. They were very hot, so at least they hadn’t been sitting around too long. But, they were extremely undercooked and borderline soggy. I usually really like Moonstruck’s fries, but after waiting for so long for our food, I didn’t want to bother sending them back. My friend really liked the eggs benedict, and was happy that they were accommodating with the substitutions.

Moonstruck serves its purpose well, but doesn’t go above and beyond by any means. If you’re looking for a great atmosphere and interesting dishes, skip this place. But, if you’re looking for a straightforward breakfast/brunch meal with a very extensive menu, then definitely give Moonstruck a shot.

Moonstruck on 2nd
88 2nd Avenue
@ 5th Street
Menu Pages listing


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