Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Burger & Fry Edition

~ The busiest (and arguably best) burger spot in the city is opening a second location on the UWS. Shake Shack fans rejoice! But still expect a long line. *Grub Street*

~ I always wondered if those who keep kosher ever feel like their missing out on cheeseburgers. Jackie Mason says no, even if it's soy cheese. *Serious Eats*

~ With a little help from her friends fat, calories, and cholesterol, Paula Dean has made it big as a Food Network star. This recipe, though, may be taking it a teeny, tiny bit too far. *A Hamburger Today*

~ Tonic, one of my least favorite spots in Murray Hill, was slapped with a $35,000 fine because their bouncers were being just a little too selective. They still have fantastic shoestring fries though. *Newsday*