East Village Food Adventure - Part 5

Our last stop on the tour was Cecel Crepe Café, and despite the fact that I was well past the point of “full,” I can always find a little extra room for anything crepe or Nutella-related. These two items, especially when served together, hold a very special place in my heart…and my stomach.

It wasn’t until I spent a semester in Paris during college that I discovered the heaven-sent chocolate hazelnut spread known as Nutella. I’m embarrassed (or maybe proud) to admit that I had at least one Nutella crepe each week, sometimes for a snack, sometimes late-night, and always delicious.

So, I like to consider myself a true, knowledgeable crepe connoisseur. This is not to say I could make them on my own (I wish!) because it definitely takes a large round griddle and a very steady hand. But, after watching crepes being made countless times, I saw how much batter should be poured, how much Nutella should be spread (while the crepe is still on the griddle so the Nutella can melt), and how the crepes should be folded.

What better way to round out a fantastic food adventure than with dessert, right? Wrong. Unfortunately. It wasn't soon after NYC Food Guy and Miss Menu arrived at Cecel Crepe Cafe that I realized our food adventure wasn't going to end on the high note we had hoped for. I ordered a small crepe with just Nutella. Simple enough, right?

Somehow, the "chef" managed to mess it up in every way possible. He didn't put enough batter onto the griddle, which made the crepe itself really flimsy. He put refrigerated cream onto it, which made what should be a hot crepe very cold. Then, when he went to put on the Nutella, instead of opening up a jar, he took out a squeeze bottle and squirted imitation, watered-down "hazelnut spread" onto the crepe. The end result was a mushy, cold, terrible excuse for a crepe. I know this may sound harsh, but I think it's time for the chef/owner should try to find a new calling.

There are plenty of great crepes places in NYC, so I'll definitely be planning an outing soon to satisfy my Nutella crepe craving. All in all, this East Village food adventure was a huge success. I was able to try a lot of new places and new foods, all for under $25. Stay tuned for the next food adventure!

Cecel Crepe Cafe
135 1st Avenue
b/t St. Marks Place & 9th Street
Menu Pages listing


Anonymous said…
That sucks that the guy did not even use real Nutella. booo. Where would you go in the city for nutella crepes?
Anonymous said…
Crooked Tree Creperie on E. 10th is great for sitdown crepes. And for takeaway, I'm a big fan of Crepe Mania on 3rd Ave and Creperie on the LES. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Anonymous said…
Crooked Tree is definitly the BEST place for delicious crepes, savory or sweet... and the place is so cute!
Anonymous said…
oh and by the way, Crooked Tree is on St Marks, between Avenue A and 1st St