When the Moon Hits Your Eyes...

If you've ever walked around near the Kips Bay movie theater, you may have seen Christina's. But, that is dependent on one thing: what season it is. During the summer, there are dozens of tables set up outside in the courtyard area out front. Tables are filled with people eating dinner or having a glass of wine. It almost feels like a European cafe. During the winter, however, these tables obviously aren't set up. I was slightly disappointed when I realized on Wednesday night that the ambiance is quite different when dining inside the restaurant.

Christina's feels like one of those neighborhood restaurants that's been around forever, and is frequented by a much older crowd. I wouldn't be surprised if these people dine there every week, and order the exact same thing at every visit. There was also a group of grey-haired men sitting at the bar...a very weird site for this neighborhood.

Fortunately, this is where my criticism ends. The menu is very extensive, ranging from pizzas and pastas, to veal and fish. Of course, this makes it really hard for me to figure out what to order. The prices were all pretty reasonable, and the portions were definitely big enough to bring home leftovers.

I decided on a pizza and ordered the Pizza Champion. After it was brought out, I felt like I would have made my mom proud...I was a true vegetable eating champion. For someone who used to be able to name the veggies I ate on one hand, this pizza was definitely evidence that my palate had finally matured!

It was delicious...with mozzarella, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, broccoli, and feta cheese. The flavor was great, and the crust was nice and crunchy. I brought half of it home, and it made for a fantastic lunch the next day at work.

So, if it's cold and rainy out, stick to ordering in from Christina's, or maybe go with another Italian restaurant all together. But, if you're looking for a great place to enjoy a meal when the weather is nice, Christina's is, well, that's amore!

606 2nd Avenue
b/t 33rd & 34th Streets
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