Super Bowl Afternoon Delight

Super Bowl Sunday is good by itself. BBQ is good by itself. Put them together, and you have one fantastic afternoon/evening in store. A Super Bowl party usually comes with some staple food, chips, veggies & dip,etc. And as much as I enjoy all of those things, they're nothing out of the ordinary. So, it was very exciting to hear that my friends were going to have Virgil's delivered for the big game. Even though it's across the street from my office, I haven't been to Virgil's. But since we had so much food delivered, and I got to sample so many different items, I feel like it's totally acceptable to write about it on Miss Menu...right?!

Just to humor you, thought it'd be amusing to list all of the things that were delivered (in 2 giant shopping bags): 2 salads, 2 huge bottles of Virgil's Real BBQ sauce, brisket, chicken wings, a whole chicken, ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, mac & cheese, biscuits, corn muffins, and to round out this well-balanced meal...a chocolate pie. Now, the even more amusing part is that this was said to be the right amount of food for 10 people. Problem was a few people didn't make it, so we had 6 people eating. Let's just say that there were plenty of leftovers.

While I can't comment on the atmosphere of actually eating at Virgil's, I can say that their food is pretty good. The sauce definitely made the meal and was a welcomed topping. The mac & cheese was very cheesy and had that slightly burned top that makes it even better. The chocolate pie was served with homemade whipped cream, and if I wasn't already so full from all of that food, I would have loved to finish my piece!

I'll definitely have to write another post if I ever do dine at Virgil's, but for now, this will have to suffice. To some, it's the best BBQ in NYC. I'm not sure I'd go that far. But, I do feel required to mention that many people (including some commenters on Midtown Lunch) view the restaurant as a tourist trap, with its close proximity to Times Square. Maybe delivery is the way to go!

Virgil's Real Barbecue
152 West 44th Street
b/t 6th Ave & Broadway
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Anonymous said…
Virgil's has good hush puppies with maple butter. mmmm...
PJay said…
I never quite understood why Virgil's gets a bad rap. The food is above average IMHO. Not as good as Hill Country but certainly way better than Spanky's or Dallas BBQ.

When you do decide to dine there, go for the Pig Out, you will not be disappointed. Plus you'll have the next day's lunch!!
PJay said…
Just read your Duke of Earl post and not eating pork...

Substitute Chicken Fried Steak for Pig Out in my initial comment.

Yumminess still abounds!
HowFresh said…
I've had Virgil's a couple of times- never too impressed. The sweet tea was a farce. Based on the location you're bound to get caught up in the crowds.

Several blocks away, maybe more than several, on 46th and 11th, is the best BBQ in the area, and possibly the city. Daisy May's. You need to try that. The beef rib, pork ribs, sides- the real deal.