Only A Little Windex Needed

The Murray Hill neighborhood isn't exactly known for its fine cuisine. Don't get me wrong, there are some great restaurants, but there are also a lot more not so great ones. These not so great ones are made up of the following: dozens of frat bars, chinese and sushi spots only worthy of take-out, and pizzerias. I feel it is my civic duty as a Murray Hill-er to spotlight the good ones!

Ethos is located on 3rd Avenue on a block with 5 other restaurants...and is definitely the best of the bunch. The atmosphere is really warm and comfortable that creates a Greek vibe without making you feel like you're on the set of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." The tables can get a little tight on a busy night, but they are always prompt at seating you. In the summer, the front windows open to make it feel like you're dining at a Mediterranean cafe...even if it just Murray Hill.

I've had a number of the appetizers in past trips to Ethos. All were excellent, especially the tzatziki and portobello mushroom saganaki. But, on this visit, I shared two dishes with my friend. We split the Greek salad and the (say it with me now!) Kotopoulo Giouvetsi, which is a chicken dish baked in a pot, along with orzo, feta, and tomato sauce. It's fantastic...the chicken is so tender because of how it's prepared, and the flavor of the sauce is great too. They also have a huge variety of fresh fish that are served whole. Not my cup of tea, but for those of you who like that, other diners really seemed to enjoy it.

Now, I am a big fan of this restaurant, but I have to point out that the service is just so-so. They rushed us to order twice, but then when it came time to ask for the check, we waited about 20 minutes to get our waiter's attention. I'll chalk it up to eating in the European style...nice and leisurely. I wouldn't cross Ethos off my list because of this, but I would make sure that I don't have anywhere to be after the meal.

Two things to note...they bring out a dessert on the house that I can only describe has delicious. It's a filo dough pastry with cinnamon and apple, covered in honey and powdered sugar. Great way to end a good meal! And also, my friend has ordered take-out from Ethos and said that every order includes fresh pitas and this dessert.

The father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" always said how Windex will cure anything. Ethos may need a little Windex on its service, but none is needed for its food. To that I'll say "Opa!"

495 3rd Avenue
b/t 33rd & 34th Streets
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