A Little Farmhouse in the Big City

Until this blog really takes off and the ad money starts pouring in (a girl can dream, right?!), my experience with high-end NYC restaurants is usually limited to reading about them on other food blogs (like Grub Street or Eater). But, my visit to Mas (farmhouse) on Friday night showed me that there's a way to experience these usually unattainable restaurants without the hefty price tag.

The answer? Go for dessert. Seems simple, I know. But, I realized that even without the appetizers and entrees, this is still a great way to experience a restaurant...its atmosphere, its service, its culinary style, etc.

There's a popoular adage that says, "Life is short. Eat dessert first." Well, if it's a dessert from Mas, then that's really all you'll need! I do, however, think there should be an exception to that expression that says dessert can come second if it's following a cheese plate. Along with a fantastic dessert wine, this was shaping up to be a little slice of heaven for me. I realized during my time in Paris that I could easily live on wine and cheese alone. Throw in an apple tart with homemade vanilla bean ice cream, and you could stick a fork in me...I'm done!

Mas's ambiance only adds to the fantastic experience. Just as the title of this post suggests, Mas creatively combines the feel of a Provencal farmhouse with a sleek New York space, creating contrasts everywhere you look. There are quaint, farm-themed pillows on the booths that sit on a concrete slab floor. Authentic farmhouse wood beams form a modern bar, a wine display case/cellar, and a communal table that runs the length of the restaurant. Maybe the most surprising thing was hearing indie music playing, when I was expecting typical French accordion music!

I'm not going to cross Mas (farmhouse) off my list of places to try quite yet. Next time, I'll just have to skip dessert and go straight to the entree!

Mas (farmhouse)
39 Downing Street
b/t Bedford & Varick Streets


Unknown said…
I had the pleasure of dining at the bar on Friday and the food was stellar. House cured arctic char with blue corn hush puppies and the roasted hearts of palm salad were divine.

Also check out Pudding Stones West, one of the best wine bars I have been to in some time.