Great Wine, No Whine

My dining out drought finally came to an end this weekend, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I felt lost without a restaurant to select, a menu to peruse, or an atmosphere to make note of. I was meeting some friends for dinner on Friday night, and we decided it'd be fun to grab a drink beforehand. We debated if we should just go to the restaurant and sit at the bar, or if we should try another place instead. As I'm sure you could have guessed, I wanted to go to another place to start...can't turn down the opportunity to try another restaurant.

I suggested Wined Up, a wine bar above the restaurant Punch in the Flatiron neighborhood. I had been here before for dinner, but was excited to go back so I could share it with you on Miss Menu. Wined Up's draw is definitely two-fold. The atmosphere is equally as enticing as the wine list itself. A wood-carved wine rack that runs the length of the restaurant creatively displays the bottles of wine. Stark white brick walls create a strong contrast against the dark wood furniture, creating a very cool ambiance. With the addition of candles everywhere, this is the perfect date place. They also have a few large tables, the size of those in a office conference room, making it a great place for big groups as well.

My friends and I just got a glass of wine, but glancing over the menu reminded me of some of the great food I had here previously. While they don't have entrees, they do have a large list of small plates (my favorite!) to choose from, including fondue, cured meats, cheeses, pizzettas and more. Some of the highlights include bistro fries with garlic aioli, the Mediterranean tasting, and the fondue of Prima Donna & Leffe Blonde, served with bread, fruit, and fingerling potatoes.

The wait staff really know their stuff, so if there's a type of wine you love, but don't see on the wine list, mention it to them, and they'll suggest something very similar. All in all, Wined Up was a great start to the evening! Next up...dinner across the street.

Wined Up
913 Broadway
b/t 20th & 21st Streets
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