Everything but the Kitchen Sink - Valentine's Day Edition

~ If you can't get a reservation for dinner on Valentine's Day, check out the casual New York spots that Esquire lists as having some of its favorite sandwiches. *Esquire via Grub Street*

~ All the calories in those sugary cocktails are no longer out-of-sight, out-of-mind...The New York Health Department is now requiring those sweet creations you'll be sipping on Thursday to be included in restaurants' mandatory calorie reporting. *Gothamist*

~ Fancy, lace lingerie for your sweetie...good. A bikini made out candy...even better. *Serious Eats*

~ If you don't get your fill of chocolate on Valentine's Day, the chef at Dessert Studio in the Flatiron area is having a fantastic dessert tasting on the 19th. *4-Foodies*

Happy Valentine's Day!
Miss Menu