Encore! (Pam Real Thai) Encore!

Thai restaurants in New York City are a dime a dozen. I probably walk past at least 3 on my walk to work, and have at least 5 Thai take-out menus in my menu box. So, it's exciting to find one that not only has great food, but also is one that you'd want to actually sit down in and not just have it delivered. It's even better when this restaurant is located near your office.

Pam Real Thai Encore proved to fit all these criteria, and is where I went for lunch yesterday. Encore is in the name not only because there are two locations, but is also exactly what I think after eating there...encore! I doubt that's what the owners had in mind, but maybe they're on to something.

Located just off of 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen, it would be very easy to walk right past Pam Real Thai. There are dozens of restaurants on this stretch of 9th Avenue, including 4 other Thai restaurants just on that block. Some of these spots can be hit-or-miss because of their proximity to the Theater District, thus catering more to tourists. But, with Pam Real Thai's location off the main drag, they manage to avoid the hordes.

Pam Real Thai's interior is far from traditional. It has a futuristic feel with purple walls and modern, white tables and chairs. Just based on the ambiance, one might think that the menu wouldn't be traditional either...but that isn't the case. The menu is very extensive...ranging from noodle dishes to crispy duck to Thai-style soups.

I am usually not very routine with what I order at restaurants, but ever since I discovered Pad See Yew, I order it at every Thai restaurant I go to. It's not that I want to play it safe, but I like the flavor so much of the dish that I want to see how it is different places. I have probably been to 10 different Thai restaurants in the last few years, and I can say, without a doubt, my favorite Pad See Yew is at Pam Real Thai.

Some of you might think that 9th Avenue is too far to walk for lunch while working in Midtown. But, I promise you a fantastic Thai meal that is definitely worth the 3-avenue walk (that is, if you work on 6th Avenue!). Something else worth mentioning...Pam Real Thai is really reasonably priced. The dish I got was $6.50...and most fall under $10. Makes it worthwhile to take a break from lunch at the corner deli when it's about the same price. Before it was closed down by the Department of Health, I use to pick up lunch from Yum Thai, around the corner from my office. Their version of Pad See Yew was far worse than Pam Real Thai, and was more expensive. Not to mention the whole shut down by the Dept of Health thing!

If you need a place to go pre-theather, just looking for a nice change of pace from the usual lunch grind, definitely check out Pam Real Thai. They got my vote for best casual Thai in Midtown, and maybe even Manahattan!

Pam Real Thai Encore
402 West 47th Street
@ 9th Avenue
Menu Pages listing


Anonymous said…

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm definitely going to check it out.

So you're a Pad See Ew girl are ya? Does that mean no spicy for you? Pad See Ew is sweet correct?

I pretty much get the same dish as you in Drunken Noodles, except mine comes doused in chili paste.

Is Pam Real Thai Encore the best you've EVER had?

Thanks for the comment.
Anonymous said…
Hey Shayna -- Nice blog! Since you're talking about Thai... I thought I would throw my two cents in... if you ever feel adventurous... head out to Woodside on the 7 train to try some of the best Thai in all 5 boroughs:

64-13 39th Ave
Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: (718) 899-9599
Anonymous said…
Did they change the decor at the original Pam's Real Thai too? I know their second place is more futuristic. Their food is really good and damn the long avenue blocks otherwise I would go all the time!
Miss Menu said…
nyc food guy - guess I should clarify...Pam Real Thai Encore has the best Pad See Ew I've EVER had...but I can't speak for the rest of the dishes! And, I am actuall a big fan of spicy. I think it's time for me to try those Druken Noodles I keep hearing about!
Miss Menu said…
danny - Haven't been to Pam Real Thai (the original), so not sure about the decor. But, as soon as the weather improves, I'll have to start making more trips over to 9th Ave. So many better options than near my office!
HowFresh said…
Definitely give Pam Real a shot. They've been churning out great food for a while, and didn't slow down after the huge NY Times article on them years back.

I second James' on Sripraphai. A little trip out to Queens, though it's an easy car ride, and the subway is right above. The whole fish dishes are something serious.

Anonymous said…
My hubbie is Thai and he used to live in Hell's Kitchen....and his vote is for Pam's for Thai food in all of Manhattan.

the best pad see ew ever?
MINE!! :)