All Treat, No Trick

Mr. Softee may have met his match when it comes to serving sweets via a truck. Meet "Sugar," the Treats Truck. While not as numerous as Mr. Softee, Sugar sells delicious, homemade baked goods from a different location around the city each day.

Midtown Lunch had reported a few weeks ago that Sugar was sick (aka in the repair shop), but I am pleased to report that he was nursed back to health and is back on the streets. Lucky for me, he was at his 45th St & 6th Ave location today, and I was able to finally experience the magic.

I walked past the truck on the way to pick up lunch and noticed a huge line at the truck. When we got back to our desks, we saw that my boss had left a co-worker and me packages of mini caramel creme sandwich cookies as a thank you for work on a big project last week. This was great...I get to try goodies from the Treats Truck without having to wait in line in the cold. The mini cookies were delicious...very fresh and very homemade tasting.

I went to the Treats Truck website, and learned that they have a pretty extensive (mouth-watering) menu. Their location schedule is posted, as well as information for placing delivery orders. This is really handy since Sugar doesn't play the annoying music that Mr. Softee does! If the Treats Truck comes to your neighborhood, definitely stop by and pick up a treat!

The Treats Truck
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