STILL a good deal

If you've ever tried to decide what bar to go to with your friends in NYC, then I'm sure you know what a headache it can turn into. Similar to restaurants, there are just so many options...type of bar, location, type of crowd, cover charge/no cover charge...the list goes on and on. My friends often ask me for recommendations of where they should have their birthday or where they should take their out-of-town visitors. I'm always happy to make suggestions, but I think that'd make up another blog all together! So until Miss Menu is ready to retire, I think I'll stick to restaurants!

I will make one exception now, though, because a) I actually haven't gone out to eat all week, and b) I did eat at the bar I went to last night! Hope you don't mind!

My co-workers decided we were long overdue for a happy hour, and decided last night was the perfect chance. One colleague is leaving for her weddding in India for 3 weeks, and another just started her job on Monday. So, after a bit of brainstorming, I came up with a bar that I thought would please everyone, with good hour deals, subway access that's close to the office, and a location that's not hard for people to leave from when commuting home. We decided on the bar Still.

I had been to Still two years ago on a Wednesday, when they had a great happy hour deal...$10 open bar and 1/2-priced appetizers. When we arrived last night, we discovered that it had changed. Now it was $20 open bar and a special deal on the appetizer sampler. Still (no pun intended!), it was a great deal and everyone was excited for a fun night out.

While it's by no means my favorite bar in the city, it was perfect for what we needed. We got a section of tables at the front of the bar. The bartenders were really friendly. And the food that we ordered was really good. We got three (count 'em 3!) appetizer samplers and an order of chicken nachos. The samplers were perfect for our big group...a little bit of everything on one plate. They also have a full restaurant menu with sandwiches, salads, and entrees.

So, if you're looking for a hassle-free bar or place to get a casual meal near Union Square, I'd definitely recommend Still.

192 Third Ave
@ 17th Street