Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I am ashamed to admit this, but I haven't gone out to eat in more days than you can count on one hand...a rarity for me. This tragedy did, however, inspire me to start a new feature on Miss Menu. Every week or so I'll round up great articles from other foodie blogs that have caught my eye. They cover a little bit of everything, that is, everything but the kitchen sink.

~ Even though I normally don't write about my daily lunch purchases at delis, I too was confused by the name(s) of this Chinese take-out place when picking up lunch today. *Food in Mouth*

~ As a WSJer myself, it's always fun to see how quickly internal news travels. This time, it's the WSJ reporters moving uptown...and into the News Corp building. ML will be their new best friend! And lucky me, I'll get access to the News Corp cafe. *Midtown Lunch*

~ Some great restaurant and bar ideas for Superbowl Sunday...a nice alternative to the chicken wing/nacho-filled apartment party. *Gothamist*

~ If you need a breather from the city's crazy restaurant scene, this "serious eater" reviews NYC's best grocery store to help you pull off your own culinary adventure. *Ed Levine's New York Eats*