It's all Greek to me

I love Greek food, but there aren't too many options near my apartment. Last night seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a new Greek restaurant in a new neighborhood. After a little research, and remembering my old boss at NYMag mentioning their rave review in the New York Times, I decided on Snack Taverna in the West Village.

We all know New York City has countless incredible restaurants. But, in my experience, it's not often enough to go to a restaurant that gets it all right. Sometimes it's poor service, other times it's mediocre food. I've sure you've all had your fair share of "off" dining experiences. Snack Taverna has managed to avoid all of those potential problems and made for a perfect meal.

First, the location...It's located on one of those quaint West Village streets that could seriously used as a movie set. That is, if you can find it! Those diagonal, named (as opposed to numbered) streets can be a little confusing. So typical I'm working my way west from 6th Avenue hoping to find the restaurant without walking in circles, two older ladies stop to ask me for directions. Good thing Miss Menu had been to the restaurant they were asking about!

But once I walked in the door, it was definitely worth the little detour. The restaurant has a great atmosphere. Greek music was playing but not in that cheesy, "smashing-plates-on-the floor" way. There were only maybe 12 tables, but it somehow doesn't seem cramped the way some small restaurants do. The waiter was really helpful, especially with being patient as I totally botched the names of the dishes I was ordering. I'm sure he was laughing with me though, right?! And it was encouraging to hear that he was actually Greek. I ordered 4 things to share, and every single dish was unbelievable.

So if you're looking for a great place to go with a date, or with a group of friends, I'd definitely recommend Snack Taverna. Great atmosphere, great service, and even greater food. All I have left to say is...Opa!

As always, some suggestions:
- Order the tzatziki. It is hands down the best I have ever had. And with fresh pita...perfection.
- Avoid the wine that mentions hints of pine. I love the way a Christmas tree smells, but I'd really rather not drink something that tastes like it!
- This may sound weird, but for a laugh and an "only in New York" moment, take a visit to the restrooms. They are literally the size of my coffee table.

Snack Taverna
63 Bedford Street
@ Morton Street
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