AroundTheWorld: Washington DC

My travels this year have taken me to some incredible places this year. And while my last few destinations have been domestic, they've still made for some great food experiences. I went down to DC a few weeks ago for my cousin's wedding and stayed with my brother. He's always jealous of the great restaurants in NYC, but every time I visit, we have such great meals there too!

Right now is Maryland blue crab season, so we ventured to the Maine Avenue Fish Market. Here they sell tons of seafood that you can purchase raw or that they'll cook for you on the spot.

I am not a crab eater, but it was very entertaining watching my brother go to town on those things! They even sell wooden mallets to help you get crackin'.

For dinner one night, we went to a well-known Neopolitan-style pizza place called 2AMYS.  There are some really interesting and gourmet things on the menu. Yet over half of the tables had highchairs and strollers at them.  The volume in that main dining room was unbearable!  Not sure why parents would bring their 3 year olds to a place like this.  Luckily, we found a few seats at the "big kids" bar and ordered a few appetizers and drinks while we waited for a table upstairs and away from the kiddie chaos.

Rabbit stuffed with currants, pine nuts, and fennel, wrapped in prosciuto

Eggplant with roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh ricotta

Pizza with green tomatoes, ground sausage, grana cheese, and topped with a fried egg

Margherita DOC with tomato, mozzarella di bufala, and basil

The wedding was so nice - Mazel tov to my wonderful cousins GS and PB!! It was held on a beauty morning in a gorgeous Victorian mansion. The food was fantastic...Nutella stuffed french toast, crab cakes, salafs, fritatta, the works! I take photos of food pretty often, but Miss Menu draws the line on taking food pictures at formal occasions. So you'll just have to take my word for it!


Unknown said…
as i told your friend JN (FKA JS)at a wedding this weekend, I love the posts, keep them coming.
Marlene said…
WOW... So glad you ate your way through DC... We'll have to try those places next time we visit. Really glad Miss Menu enjoyed the food at the wedding! The caterer was terrific.
Miss Menu said…
@Edward - Thanks for reading! Glad you are enjoying the posts. Flattered I came up over the weekend :)
Miss Menu said…
@Marlene - Definitely check them out. Zach has found so many great hidden gems in DC!